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"Social media era is happening.

Social media interactions are overwhelming."

Social VR experience shooter created during Bratislava Game Jam 2017.  Playful way of exploring the feelings of artificial interaction within your social bubble (with a twist). 

Transfer yourself into  virtual avatar and use your body movement tracked by motion controller with headset* to defend yourself against your followers in immersive 360° arena.

*This VR prototype was tested with HTC Vive.

  • Trippy VR experience

  • Look around & watch out for your friends!

  • Connectivity with your Facebook account

  • Post–internet voxel game environment

Team Vroom! consists of Matúš Solčány, Philo van Kemenade, Jan Kováříček. 
Music and SFX done by Grand Beats.


follower-1.rar 22 MB

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